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Say hello to the new Molchanovs SPORT Weight Belt! Made of high-tech polymer material that ensures a more snug and secure fit than your standard rubber belt. An integrated buckle and absence of fasteners means improved durability. Comes in five eye-catching colors.


The Molchanovs SPORT Weight Belt is made of high-tech polymer, which provides the best resistance to wear-and-tear compared to silicone weight belts and has more elasticity compared to rubber weight belts. The fit of the belt on your hips is snug, but comfortable, and allows complete freedom of movement with a non-slippery surface. A high-quality stainless steel Marseille buckle allows for a safe quick-release in case of emergencies, and the absence of fasteners due to the buckle being directly integrated into the belt gives it improved durability. Pairs perfectly with our Lead Weights.


Resistant to UV rays, chlorine, and temperature changes between -60°C to 80°C (-76°F to 176°F), and all diving related conditions
Holes for the hip circumference are located from 66-111cm (26-43.7in) on the belt with 3.5cm (1.4in) between each hole
High-quality stainless steel buckle with a matte finish allows for a safe quick-release by pulling on the belt end if needed for emergency weight drop
Buckle is integrated into the belt without fasteners for improved durability
Compatible with all types of weights designed for weight belts
Designed for a total load of up to 12kg (22lb)
Molchanovs logo texture on the belt

Material: Modified polyurethane
Buckle: Stainless steel Marseille buckle with a matte finish
Dimensions: 135×4.5×0.4cm (53.1×1.8×0.2in)
Weight: 350g (0.8lb)
Colors: Blue, Green


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