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The team at Molchanovs tapped into decades of freediving experience and have designed the Professional Freediving Buoy to be hands down the best freediving buoy available today. Designed for heavy-duty use, the tough, water-repelling PVC components are fused together using double stitching and fabric welding for robust dependability even in the most extreme conditions.

The exterior of the buoy has extra-large carrying handles and fastening lines around the outside which provide great flexibility for anchor points. This also allows freedivers to loop their hands to the buoy during their relaxation phase or resting.

The incorporation of the inner tube directly into the buoy makes it lighter and convenient to deflate and transport to hard to reach locations. Its spacious interior and pocketed cover allow easy access and storage of all your essential freediving accessories such as rope, weights, lanyards and fluids. The reinforced D-rings on the inside and outside of the center assist in line management.

The Professional Freediving Buoy can be inflated using a standard boat pump or through the inflation tube provided through its non-corrosive air stop valve. To maintain this product, it is recommended that you rinse it with fresh water to wash off the saltwater.


Tough, easy to clean PVC

Large netted zip pocket

Multiple stainless steel D-rings for utility

Internal tubing to keep weight down and for easy transport

External rope for hanging on to rest

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 70 cm / 80 cm diameter, 18 cm height

Empty Weight: 1.92 kg (70 cm) / 2.27 kg (80 cm)

The 70cm buoy fits 2-3 people, while the 80cm buoys fit 4 comfortably

Recommended bottom weight: 10 to 30 kg

Care Instructions

Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use

Keep out of strong sunlight when storing

Avoid storing with or around sharp objects

Do not puncture or pierce


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