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Bottom plate

The Apneautic bottom plate is a truly original and first of its kind product. It is intended to be attached to the lower end of a rope above the weight bag or the weight belt and has several important functions. When correctly attached in a safe distance from the weight it gives the diver information about having reached the desired depth and therefore lowers the risk of the freedivers head or shoulders coming into contact with the weight! To install the bottom plate you simply pull it through the rope and tighten the matrix which fixes the plate in the required distance from the end of the rope (from the weight). It is therefore not necessary to use knots above the plate which eliminates another risk which is that of the carabine of the lanyard getting caught underneath the knot while turning back after having reached the desired depth! The recommended distance of the plate from the weight is 1 m.

The bottom plate is made of high quality, durable but at the same time flexible plastic. It is designed for ropes of 10 to 12 mm in diameter. The plate is not completely flat, it is slightly parabolic towards the bottom. The outer diameter of the plate is 28 cm and thanks to its low weight (230 g) it is like all Apneautic products suitable for freedivers and instructors who travel a lot by aeroplane. Around the perimeter of the plate there are 30 holes for tags, which is something that freedivers training for races as well as instructors organizing final races for their students will appreciate. The holes are 5 mm in diameter.

The Apneautic bottom plate is a unique product which increases safety in the teaching and training of breath-hold diving depth disciplines. It is durable, flexible, lightweight and thanks to its distinctive white color clearly visible. Overall, the handling of the plate is very fast and comfortable.

Material: The body of the plate is made of high quality, durable nylon.


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