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Uba Project EQ-TOOL

Improve your equalization skills to dive safer and deeper

The Eq-Tool is a digital device developed to improve your equalization skills. By inflating air in your Eq-tool pressure in your upper airway increases, the Eustachian tube opens and the eardrum vibrates. Air pressure is measured by a wireless sensor connected to your mobile device while the data acquired can be recorded and analysed using the dedicated apps.

Eq-Tool togheter with the app EarOn allows you to monitor how you are equalizing, if you are equalizing with too much pressure, if you are not managing the mouth-fill air properly, if you are involuntarily opening the soft palate during equalizing. In short, you can use the app to practice all your equalization manoeuvres, both basic and advanced. You can also record your training sessions and share them with your instructor or friends, and you can even play with it, so you never get bored while you are focusing on equalization. Because it is essential to learn how to equalize well: it’s all about your health, even more than about depth! EQ-Tool is portable, adjustable and will allow you to keep practising wherever you are! Safe dives are fun dives!

The Eq-Tool is equipped with a valve for adjusting the air flow and communicates with mobile devices though a Bluetooth low energy module powered by a CR2032 battery, readily available and low-cost but still providing a range of about 45 days with a daily use of more than an hour. Its application is compatible with Android and IOS and it is designed to learn and improve your equalization skills(and not only…). It requires IOS 10 (or later) and Android 6 (or later) for the mobile devices. For the best experience, we recommend you use the latest version of OS available. The Eq-Tool is available in three sizes: 20, 22 and 25mm and it is made with hypoallergenic materials, easy to clean and very resistant.

Eq-tool in 3 Steps

1. Inflate air in your Eq-tool 2. Pressure in your upper airway increases and allows to equalize your ears 3. Air pressure data are measured and recorded by your mobile device

EarON allows to control, in real time, your equalizing training session.

You can set your own equalization threshold and also other two references to be as soft and accurate as possible during your dives.

Make your own training table: adjust the duration of the session by modifying the present block and, if necessary, adding others using the + and – buttons.

We recorded some video tutorials that represent the different compensation techniques. They are merely for guidance purposes and reflect only our current knowledge on.

Profiles represent the various equalization techniques. The reference charts can also be browsed during the training session.

It is possible to view and analyse all ended sessions. Recordings are filed in chronological order.

Share and analyse your sessions with your buddies, students and instructors.


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