EVA board

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Unsinkable large-sized board built in Eva by injection moulding. This board has been specially conceived for those spearfishermen who love to start from shore and who do not use a boat when fishing. Eva is, as a matter of fact, a true mini-boat, that can hold a great deal of cargo and is easily towed in any sea conditions.

The board is blue along the bottom part, in order to make it invisible to fish, and red on the top part along the waterline, in order to make it more visible above water. The careen has a shield under the bow, while the stern has two special catamaranstyle careens. The shield is designed to help the hull move smoothly over waves, while the catamaran careens help push the board upwards and also help prevent roll, while working as lateral stabilizers.

The board, even when fully loaded, is able to maintain its hydrodynamics, sliding over the water even in adverse sea conditions. The board above the hull is equipped with accessories that make for safe transport of extra, spears, flashlights, etc.

The bow is equipped with a special reel, with a capacity of about 35 meters of line with a diameter of 6mm, which carries out the function of line regulation and coiling. Thanks to the friction set in the reel, the spearfisherman can easily regulate the length of the line in order to avoid snarls and tangles the common floating lines create, above all when fishing along the sea floor.

Behind the reel there is spacious zipclosing red nylon sack. This makes the board even more visible, from far away, and allows for safe transport of accessories. In front of and behind the sack, there are two specific locations for the flagpole. The flagpole is made up of two pieces and must always be set on the stern.

The flagpole is transferred to the bow only when the spearfisherman is lying on the stern in order to change his position or rest. The flag freely rotates and swivels along the flagpole depending on the wind direction, so it doesn’t get wrapped up along the flagpole.

Next to the sack/ bag, there are two thick nylon straps with safety clips that make it possible to safely carry two extra spears-shafts. The board is also equipped with hooks above and below the hull for cabled fish hooks and fish carriers.


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