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“Big enough to be used without the bottom plate, small enough to be used with the bottom plate”.

FreeXperience lanyard stopper. Tough and durable. Handy and easy to use. Visible also in dark conditions with ORCATORCH SD03 lanyard stopper light (max depth 100m). The lime color makes is visible also in good visibility without the light (max depth 1000m without the light).

Easy to use:
1. Put it on the rope.
2. Open the stopper and make the knot on the rope,(the knot inside the stopper locks the stopper in the right depth), if needed, add the lights inside the stopper.
3.  Close the stopper.
4. You are ready to put the rope in the water and dive.


Key Features

🟢 Can be used with, or without, a bottom plate.
🟢 Handy and easy to use – quick opening mechanism with clever lock (makes it possible to change lights fast).
🟢 Durable.
🟢 Visible color that does not change even deep.
🟢 Visible also in dark diving conditions – Inside the stopper, there is space for a small dive light (ORCATORCH SD03).
🟢 Designed for max 12 mm ropes.


🔵 Height 20cm.
🔵 Width 8cm.
🔵 Weight 90g.
🔵 Depth rate without the light 100m, with the light 100m (ORCATORCH SD01 max depth).


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