Hammer spearfishing board

Orange 90X30X15 cm

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A spearfishing float with the shape of a hammerhead shark, designed and developed for easy towing. Spearfishers locate their hips in the hollow to the rear of the float to maximise directional control.



•  The float’s excellent buoyancy enables equipment to be moved in the water simply and easily.
•  2 handles on the topside of the board allow divers to keep a firm grip on the float while swimming.
•  EVA pad for improved comfort during swimming.
•  A tow-rope can be fixed to the ring provided on the underside of the float.
•  2 elastic speargun holders to fasten spears easily and rapidly.


•  Rigid dropstitch and bonded PVC assembly give the float excellent rigidity and toughness.



•  Float fitted with a fin support: the fin provides excellent stability in the water.
•  Valve with a maximum pressure indicator to ensure the float is inflated correctly.
•  Standard support is able to receive a motor-driven propeller.



•  Large, rigid flag for long-range visibility.
•  Red colour ensures the float is easier to spot.
•  Allows the diver to take a break between sessions.


The float is provided with accessories: fin, inflator adapter, repair kit.


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