Imersion Challenger

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The Imersion spearfishing dive float board is ideal for spearfishing but can also be used for other aquatic activities. Due to the float’s large size there’s plenty of room to take extra spearfishing gear, which makes the Challenger the perfect float to take when diving.

The front enclosure is large enough to stash your catch, an extra mask or dry bag! It’s easy to secure your speargun and lobster hook to the side of the float using the sturdy straps.

The board will support your body weight allowing you to take a rest when needed and makes it easy to move when finning.

The bright red float accompanied by the red & white dive flag is highly visible in the water ensuring your safety. The raised front improves the hydrodynamics when towing or finning the float.

  • Made of a high-strength nylon shell.
  • 3 independent internal bladders for secure inflation and safety (2 lateral and 1 central)
  • Dimensions of 90 x 60 x 15 cm
  • Side straps
  • Red/white flag mounted on a pole
  • Storage compartment at the front closed with a velcro flap.
  • Inflation pump included.
  • Packaged in mesh bag

For safety and comfort, we strongly recommend you add the extendable float line to your order, which stretches as you descend into the depths and reduces risk of tangling.



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