Freexperience mini

20mm i en rekke farger

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«Tiny little fingers under your mask»: This is a small nose clip that is 3D-printed from 316L stainless steel to fit inside your mask. Its purpose is to help you to equalize pressure without having to use your hands.
Equalizing using the 1 + 1 technique: The clip is one part of the necessary pressure on the nose; the mask, when worn underwater, is the other part. This makes equalizing without the use of hands possible for most freedivers.
Here are some carefully considered specifics of the design:
The material is 316L stainless steel that can be bent and tailored to fit your nose.
Two sizes and a sleek design.
Tight grip with the «sponge» nose pad design; small holes on the nose pad allow the water to flow away from oily skin and help the nose pad fit snugly.
Works for freedivers, synchronized swimmers, mermaids, underwater scooter drivers, scuba divers, and spearfishers. Great for swimming, kayaking, underwater photography, swimming with fins, etc. Generally for all activities that happen underwater, therefore suitable for use in pools, as well.
Tip! When using it for the first time:
Add it to your nose and squeeze it to be tight on the nose.
Take it from the nose and adjust the tightness slightly a bit tighter.
Slide it on the nose (and put the mask on). And you are good to go.

Special tip! You can use a thin fishing cord (for example 0.25 mm) to connect the FreeXperience mini-clip to the mask strap. The cord can go from the mask strap inside the mask (to connect the mini-clip) and the mask still does not leak. Trick keeps the mini-clip safe, also in stormy waters.

​And last but not least: Always dive with the buddy! Safe Dives!


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