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The redesigned Molchanovs Lightweight Monofin Bag 2 allows you to move around with your monofin in comfort. The bag folds up easily for storage and can be brought along in your suitcase. Combined with the new Molchanovs Monofin Protection, it will keep your monofin safe and sound while on the go. Weighing in at only 0.6kg (1.3lb), stitched with reinforced thread, and crafted with sturdy fabric to keep your monofin safe, with a zipper located at the top of the bag for quick access.

Additionally, bifins can also be placed inside of the Lightweight Monofin Bag 2 with the foot pockets placed at the bottom of the bag and the blades sticking out of the top, with fastenings to hold them in place. The spacious interior can fit a monofin, one pair of bifins, a wetsuit, and other freediving gear, all at the same time and in the same bag.

The backpack-style straps and handle at the top of the bag make for effortless transportation to and from your dive site. The bold colors and recognizable Molchanovs M-stripe design is simple and classic. This Lightweight Monofin Bag 2 is a must-have for freedivers that prefer traveling light with their monofin, yet value comfort and reliability.


Lightweight with backpack-style straps and handle

Sturdy fabric stitched with reinforced thread

Interior zippered pocket for small items

Top zipper design

Fits both a monofin and one pair of bifins, a wetsuit, and other freediving gear


Material: Nylon 420D Oxford fabric

Dimensions: 72x72cm; the width of the top of the bag is 8cm and the bottom is 13cm

Weight: 0.6kg

Size: Universal

Colors: Black, Blue, Warm Red


Vekt1 kg

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