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Collar for the practice of horizontal apnea

We designed and built this tool to allow you to get a perfect set during the dive. Our Collar (Deposited Model) is designed to shift the weight center of gravity from the neck to the posterior apex of the lungs.

The elongated design allows you to lighten the cervical excess weight and get a better trim.

The two “Wings” are shaped to prevent the Collar from rotating and are filled with pellets of nuchelate lead.

Nickel plating prevents oxide formation. The two “wings” contain a fixed weight of 500 grams: total weight of the collar 1 Kg.

Through the two pockets you can add weight to the collar until you reach your ideal “weigh”.

Both pockets can hold up to 1 Kg additional: Maximum weight obtainable, 3 Kg.


TheBest Divers Collar is made with a set of first quality materials:

– BLACK EXTERIOR in original Cordura – INTERIOR PADDED Airnet Spacer Plus, water repellent ADJUSTMENT AND CLOSING

We have chosen the Velcro closure to guarantee a quick release in case of need. It is possible to adjust the collar by varying the size from 38 to 48. THE COLLAR IS SOLD WITH A BASIC WEIGHT OF 1 Kg.


Se video av hvordan nakkevekten fungerer her:


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