Ricciola smoothskin Wetsuit Man

Smoot skin open cell

kr 3.950,00


7mm overdel og 5mm bukse.

Smooth material warms up quickly for effortless breathing and wearability, the most sensitive areas of this wetsuit use a new smooth, dual layer neoprene called “sandwich neoprene”, which is highly flexible, has great thermal power and at the same time is very study and durable. This neoprene has a 1 mm thick outer layer and a 4 mm (or 6 mm) dual inner layer separated by a structural elastic lining. Thanks to this technology, it may be sewn to obtain strong seams and will not tear. The wetsuit benefits from a underarm panel that facilitates comfort and wearability. The design is rigorously anatomical. Protective reinforcement on sternum, knees and crotch. Watertight seals in smooth skin on hood, wrists and ankles


Vekt1,1 kg

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