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Designed to be as multi functional and practical as possible, the Waterproof Protection Mat will keep you dry and protected. Perfect for changing after a dive, this mat can be placed on the floor to keep your feet dry while also keeping your suit protected and your dry clothes clean.

It can also be used in the boot of your car to provide a protective layer between your wet gear and your car. It could even be rolled up and used as a cushion to sit on. It’s perfect for many different uses, just make sure to rinse it after every use and its good to go.

Key Benefits

Multi Functional – This mat could be used for any purpose you like, its most at home being used for a post dive change, but can be used in your car as well as well as any other purpose you could think of.

Insulating- The mat is designed with warmth in mind, its insulating qualities make sure it will keep you as warm and dry as possible when using it.

Rinse and Go – Once you’ve used the mat, simply give it a good rinse, wait to dry and it’s good to go for another use


Good size – At 85x61cm, the mat is more than big enough to get changed on comfortably without struggling to stay on it.

Who is the Waterproof Protection Mat For?

The Waterproof Protection Mat is perfect for divers looking for a practical and multi functional mat that they can use to change post-dive, keep their wet gear separate from their car, or for any other purpose imaginable, then this is the mat for them. With a good size and quality, this mat will be ideal if you’re looking for a mat you can use over and over again.


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