The IST Triton Mask is a two window design with reverse teardrop shaped tempered lenses for extended downward vision. This low profile, low volume designed mask provides an excellent field of vision. He mask is equipped with a silicone skirt and head strap. The skirt has a double feathered edge and the mask head strap a wide split strap design combined for an exceptional seal on the face. The easy to reach nose pocket allows one handed ear equalization and the masks push button strap buckles are for fast and easy adjustments. Mask comes with a mask box.

IST Triton Mask Features

IST Triton Mask

Dual Lens Design

Tempered Glass Lenses

Silicone Skirt and Strap

Double Feathered Edge Skirt Design

Wide Split Head Strap

Skirt & Strap Combined for Excellent Seal on Face

Low Volume Design

Reverse Teardrop Lens Design

Extended Downward Vision

Wide Field of View

Easy-to-Reach One Handed Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization

Strap Adjustment: Push Button Buckle

Mask Box

kr 275,00